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Align & Accelerate

Are you setting your board up for success?

Do they have the tools – and the training – needed to steward your mission, engage their networks, and support the growth of your organization?


If your organization is ready to step beyond one-day training sessions and single-use assessments, then the Align & Accelerate Program is ready for you!


Created by Orange Door Consulting and Resolute Philanthropy, Align & Accelerate is a deep-dive program that combines assessment, implementation, coaching, and strategic planning designed to make your board a more effective and efficient champion for the mission.


What's in Store for Your Organization?

Our seasoned consultants will conduct a comprehensive assessment, identifying the top three areas primed for development within your board and executive leadership. This evaluation will serve as the foundation for a targeted six-month implementation program, specifically designed to address and elevate the identified growth areas, ensuring an accelerated trajectory for your organization.


Participants in the Align & Accelerate Program will benefit from:

  • Evaluation: designed to identify the greatest challenges facing your board.

  • Implementation: from policy creation to customized training, the Align & Accelerate team will lead efforts to implement necessary changes.

  • Coaching & Accountability: during the program, board members can connect with knowledgeable consultants to guide the process and ensure that objectives are met.


Let's Get Started!

We invite your organization to join the pilot of the Align & Accelerate Program.  This is a free opportunity as we launch and refine this program.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Chris Baiocchi to set up a consultation call to learn more and to kick off the process!

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