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Attitude - A Team Effort

Updated: Apr 26

In fundraising (and in life), attitude matters.

Teams and organizations with a scarcity mindset – or with a mindset that avoids mistakes at the cost of innovation – will struggle with fundraising. After all, fundraising requires creativity, risk, and persistence.

It’s ultimately an optimistic endeavor – one that believes that the problems we are facing can be solved, and that people will support a cause they believe in.

And while regulating our own attitude is largely a solitary endeavor, keeping an eye on your fundraising team’s attitude can be a group effort.

Fundraising leaders should build opportunities and systems to help their teams feel supported and connected. Sometimes, all it takes is acknowledging that fundraising can be a difficult and emotionally tasking undertaking.

Check out this clip from the Transformative Fundraising webinar series where I talk a little bit more about how supporting your team can help your organization’s fundraising attitude.

 If you’d like to learn more about the importance of fundraising attitude, purchase your copy of the Transformative Fundraising webinar series today!

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