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Change of Address

Big changes are afoot for Team Baiocchi!

This week, we pack up a house full of books, comics, and other detritus and head to Tacoma for the next adventure.

This move will be a significant change for a lifelong OC resident like myself. For example, did you know that there’s this thing called “rain” that I’ve been told to expect? Wild!

I’m looking forward to some new puzzles to solve, some new challenges, and whatever unexpected joys are waiting for us at the other end of the move.

And even though Resolute Philanthropy HQ is moving, I’ll still be working hard to help nonprofit organizations find the confidence and clarity they need to build relationships and raise funds to support their mission.

(On that front, stay tuned for some more info about an upcoming Transformative Fundraising webinar series starting on March 1).

What changes are coming your way in 2024?

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