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Client Focus: NorthSTAR OC

Here are two types of fundraising that can be especially difficult.

  • Raising money for a new endeavor.

  • Collective or collaborative fundraising.

Fundraising for something new requires a leap of faith from donors. After all, you probably don’t have tried-and-true results or outcomes. If your organization is truly breaking new ground, you’ll need to rely on donors and supporters that believe in your team and your cause – and are willing to take a risk with you.

Collaborative fundraising – working with a group of nonprofits – can also be an uphill climb. For many organizations, fundraising is a zero-sum game characterized by a sense of scarcity. Couple this with the existing challenge of fundraising goals, and it can be difficult to get a group of nonprofits to pool resources and talent on a fundraising project.

Either one of these circumstances is enough to make a fundraiser start to worry. Both – at the same time – and it’s time to panic.

But the team at NorthSTAR isn’t in the panic business.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this team since October – a group of nonprofit organizations including CIELO, North Orange County Community College District, Advance OC, RevHub, CSUF, OneOC, and MECCA.

Together, this group has envisioned a network of programs, resources, and funding to connect underserved and under-financed communities with illuminated pathways to entrepreneurship.

The NorthSTAR team believes that ventures from childcare businesses to social enterprises can provide economic stability and benefits to families and communities – especially to those traditionally excluded from resources and capital.

Things are starting to come together in the form of events, workshops, and webinars. NorthSTAR members are finding new ways to collaborate and connect with the communities in North Orange County – for programming and for fundraising.

It’s not easy work – we’re drawing maps as we explore these new opportunities for North OC families and beyond. But I can’t wait to see what we create together!

Check out the latest NorthSTAR video below!

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