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Corporate Giving Workshop Coming Soon!

On July 31, I'll be headed back to Southern California to talk about corporate giving with folks from The Nonprofit Partnership in Long Beach. I'm excited to be working with TNP again - and more excited to talk about the good news (and the bad news) about corporate giving!

Building a successful and sustainable corporate giving program is a key part of a fundraising strategy. After all, corporations can be great champions for your mission - supporting your organization through donations, volunteering, marketing, and more!

But, of course, they aren't the answer to every fundraising question. Well-meaning boards often promote corporate giving as a silver bullet - but the full reach of corporate philanthropy is often overstated.

On the 31st, we'll dig into all of these topics - and talk about ways to help your board members to think creatively about corporate support.

If you want to talk about your corporate giving strategy, set up a call today!

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