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Fundraising Confidence and Clarity

Good missions shouldn't fail because of bad fundraising advice.

You're a nonprofit leader - maybe even a founder - and you want to change the world. You see a way to make the world kinder, safer, healthier, or more just. You work hard to align your programs to your mission, to engage volunteers, and to find new ways to serve the community.

All that work - and all the work you are going to do - shouldn't be at risk because you're getting bad (or outdated) fundraising advice.

You started this organization for a reason. That reason wasn't to hold a golf tournament, organize a gala, or follow another "can't miss" fundraising opportunity.

I've been in the nonprofit space for 25 years - and I've seen good programs suffer because of a lack of fundraising skill. I've also seen creative, original, and bold fundraising plans and programs support missions, empower staff, and engage with the community.

Resolute Philanthropy wants to give you the fundraising clarity and confidence you need for your mission to thrive. In this space, I will share my thoughts and resources about fundraising and I hope it helps your organization thrive.

If you want to learn more, click the link below and book a discovery call!

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