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"Fundraising in and of itself is worthless..."

“Fundraising in and of itself is worthless. It doesn't do anything. Fundraising has to be done in service of something bigger. That's what makes fundraising work. That's when you see really remarkable fundraising efforts happen.”

That's from a recent interview I did with Haley Coper on her Lead with Heart podcast. I've known Haley for years now, and it was a pleasure to talk with her about the role of culture, leadership, and relationship-building in fundraising.

You can listen to the podcast here:

We're also working together on a FREE year-end giving webinar. This is shaping up to be a great workshop where we'll talk about a real year-end giving case study, hear from a direct marketing expert, and talk about culture and stewardship. You can sign up here!

If you want to set up a time to talk about your fundraising, just click below and let's get started!

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