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Fundraising in the Media: Telemarketers

Have you seen the HBO documentary series "Telemarketers"?

It's a fantastic (and scary) look at telemarketing scams - and follows two DIY filmmakers trying to expose the shady practices and companies involved.

I'm always interested in how the fundraising profession is portrayed in popular culture. (Spoiler alert, it's rarely good.)

This series is no exception - it shows first-hand how unscrupulous and deceptive companies essentially trick people into donating to charitable causes that might not be charitable (or real).

I could talk about this show for hours - but the reason I'm posting about it here is because of the challenge it presents to professional fundraisers. For a lot of people (maybe more than I want to admit), there's little difference between the fundraising depicted in the show and the mission-driven work so many of us are involved in.

That's why it's so important to build authentic, relationship-driven fundraising programs.

Why organizations should invest in the professional development of their fundraising teams - through training, membership in professional orgs like AFP, or certifications like the CFRE.

Why we need to hold the industry and each other accountable for how we treat our clients, our staff, and our donors.

How are you building the professional skills of your fundraising team? Let's talk about it ...

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

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