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Goals Made Simple(r)

Updated: Apr 12

There are a lot of moving parts to a fundraising strategy.

From your CRM to your prospect list, a robust fundraising strategy needs to provide direction, outreach and stewardship tools, and methods for engaging and inviting donors to join your cause.

And of course, we need to be able to track our strategic progress. Without clear and measurable goals, it is nearly impossible to determine if our cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship activities are working.

In this clip from the Transformative Fundraising webinar series, I talk about the three key goals every fundraising team should have:

  • $ raised

  • # of donor meetings

  • Donor retention %

Goal setting can be tricky – too many, and you spend all your time on measurement and recording. Too few, and your work can seem disconnected from the day-to-day goals.

These three goals provide a strong base of fundraising strategy and can be easily measured and tracked.

Check out the clip below – and if you want to buy the full webinar series (and get a free coaching session), click the link above!

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