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Leaders are Readers: Hidden Potential

I took advantage of the holidays to catch up on my reading list and just finished "Hidden Potential" by Adam Grant.

It's a great book - I love how curious and detailed Grant is as an author and podcaster.

One chapter looks at the school system in Finland and a process called "looping" - where teachers stay with a particular group of students across multiple grades.

➡ "With another year to get to know each student personally, teachers gain a deeper grasp of their strengths and challenges."

Grant talks about the impact of this model (in Finland and other countries) and how it allows for stronger relationships, deeper learning, and a more supportive environment.

And, of course, I thought about fundraising - and fundraising staff retention.

🛑 If your nonprofit has a donor retention plan, but isn't investing in your fundraising team - there are bigger problems at hand.

Retaining and engaging a fundraising team is like looping with teachers - you give your staff more time to ...


💚 learn about and listen to your donors

💚 build strong relationships

💚create an environment where staff and donors feel connected to the mission.

What are you going to do in the new year to keep your staff engaged? Let's talk ....

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