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Transform your fundraising today!

Fundraising succeeds when strategy, leadership, and attitude are aligned. When an organization's fundraising strategy is supported by engaged and active leadership - and driven by a bold attitude -- donors and supporters will stay engaged while team members will feel supported and connected to the mission. 

Are you ready to transform your fundraising? Then start here – and purchase the Transformative Fundraising webinar series.


In this four-part webinar series, we'll cover:


  • Key elements of a fundraising strategy

  • The powerful (and underused) tool in your fundraising kit 

  • The role of a fundraising board (and why it's not always about fundraising)

  • Ways to engage your team members and senior leaders in the fundraising story 

  • How do we talk about fundraising - and how that can impact our fundraising success

  • Ways to evaluate and improve our fundraising program


Your purchase includes: 


  1. PDF copies of each of the presentations 

  2. Links to the original webinar recordings 

  3. If you purchase today, you can also receive a free, 1-hour coaching call with Resolute Philanthropy! 


With nearly 4 hours of content, this series can be an excellent source of professional development for fundraising staff, volunteers, or board members.

Click below to purchase your webinar series today!


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