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Why Register?

Why should you sign up for the Transformative Fundraising webinar from Resolute Philanthropy?

❓ Maybe you want to sharpen your fundraising strategy.

❓Maybe you want to help your board or leadership get involved with fundraising.

❓Maybe your fundraising team needs to get re-engaged or re-energized.

Maybe none of these will work – all you want to do is read a client testimonial. Well, here you go!

"Working with Chris as my fundraising coach has been an invaluable experience. Chris's dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping me navigate a new position in a complex and high-intensity fundraising department. His guidance and strategic insights have not only enhanced my understanding of effective fundraising practices but have also empowered me in my position to assert my authority and fundraising knowledge."

I created this webinar series to bring elements of strategy, leadership, and attitude together to give nonprofits confidence and clarity around fundraising.

After all, your mission shouldn’t suffer because of bad fundraising advice!

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