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A tough lesson to learn

Fundraising is filled with hard-won lessons.

They can be tech-oriented (what happens to a mailing when you screw up the sorting on a XLS spreadsheet).

They can be communication-oriented (the word "but" after the words "I'm sorry" effectively destroys the intended apology).

Or, they can be attitude-oriented.

For example - the fact that the merit of your mission is not enough.

This was a hard one for me to learn - and one that a lot of nonprofits struggle with.

Here's what I mean.

Your mission is solid. You have a clear case for support. You have impact numbers (both outputs and outcomes). You've got stories to tell about your impact and your clients,

And you still might not the get the gift. You might not even get a call back or a response.

But your mission is solid! And it's important! And you're working so hard!

But merit is not enough. Your fundraising has to be driven by relationships, by inviting people to join your cause. And it has to be able to withstand setbacks and rejections.

If you expect donors to give - or other agencies to invite you in - based solely on the merit of your mission, you'll likely be disappointed.

Keep telling the story, keep inviting others, keep talking with your supporters!

You can also talk with me about your fundraising plans - click below to set up a call!

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