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It's Time to Talk About Stewardship

It can be hard at the end of the year to think about donor stewardship.

After all, you’re probably:

  • Working on a Giving Tuesday strategy

  • Planning your year-end giving outreach

  • Dealing with a team leader that wants you to call that donor – again – to see if they’d like to give in December (because your numbers are low).

It’s a rough time of year to be a fundraiser.

Despite the low-level chaos that is filling your inbox and voicemail, don’t forget stewardship.

Taking the time to meaningfully thank your donors / volunteers can help strengthen relationships, improve donor retention rates, and is a fantastic way to engage organization leadership in donor outreach.

Not sure where to start? Here are three things you can do today to get year-end stewardship up and running!

  1. Schedule time for calls – block out 30 minutes on your calendar today and call three donors to thank them for supporting your mission

  2. Thank You Video – don’t worry about production values – think about authenticity. Grab your phone and shoot a quick thank you video and send it to a donor

  3. Don’t forget your colleagues – fundraising is a team sport, and your colleagues in finance, programs, and marketing all make fundraising possible. Take a minute to thank your team for their help and support

There’s more, of course. And if you’d like to dig into more ways you can create a stewardship program that celebrates your donors and supports your mission, you can join me at The Nonprofit Partnership on December 5 for a breakfast workshop. Click here to register for the session - hope to see you there!

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