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Just Start Swimming

Fundraising is like swimming.

A man is jumping off a dock into a lake. We can't see the man's face - just his back and outstretched arms. There are trees lining the opposite shore

You can read about swimming.

You can watch videos about swimming techniques.

You can make a plan about the type of swimming you will do.

You listen to other swimmers talk about their approach.

But in the end - if you want to swim, you have to get in the water.

If you want a fundraising program, you have to start talking with, connecting with, and listening to your donors.

It’s scary.

It can be frustrating.

It (probably) won’t go exactly as you planned.

But you’ve got to dive in and start swimming.

Your mission is worth it – get started!

Need some help jumping into the pool? Give me a call...

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