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Computer Cabinet Philanthropy

Yesterday, I suddenly found myself thinking about the computer cabinet in my home growing up. 💻💻💻💻

(I'm in the midst of a move, so furniture is a popular topic in the household.)

Anyway, this was an old-school cabinet for an old-school computer:

💻 Room for the monitor and the CPU.

💻Drawers to store manuals, disks, event the odd cartridge or two.

💻A side drawer for the printer (with a second shelf for dot-matrix paper feed)

For the time, this was a fantastic piece of furniture - and it was a feature of our home for years. After all, it worked!

But of course, it couldn't keep up with the changes to computers and (more importantly) what we needed and expected from computers.

I've seen nonprofits that have the equivalent of an old computer cabinet in their fundraising strategy. Beliefs, approaches, and activities that:

💻Are based on tradition or preference alone

💻Haven't been reviewed or evaluated in years

💻Assume that what supporters need from the organization hasn't changed

💻Are unchanged because "it works" or "it's the way we've always done it"

Is your fundraising strategy changing to meet the needs of your organization and your donors? If not, it might be time to take a closer look!

Or, if you're ready to dive in - check out our Transformative Fundraising webinar series starting on March 1!

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