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Don't Lose Focus

Here’s my problem with the Giving USA report on philanthropic trends.

🛑 It’s not the data

🛑It’s not the analysis of the data

🛑 It’s not the flurry of events and podcasts analyzing the analysis

My problem with the report is that, from a fundraiser’s perspective, it doesn’t change what we’re called to do.

Regardless of the big numbers, or the national trends, or economic issues – the job is to connect, to invite, and to share.

💚 Connect with donors and potential donors.

💚 Invite individuals to participate and support the mission.

💚 Share stories of impact, of the cause, and of the people you are serving.

Don’t let any report or study take your focus off what needs to be done for your mission and the people your mission is serving.

Unless, of course, your fundraising strategy is based solely on events and corporate giving. Then, we should probably talk. ☎ ☎☎

Photo by Lena Taranenko on Unsplash

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