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Let's Talk - Fundraising is Hard!

When I first started fundraising, no one seemed to be talking about how hard fundraising work is.

Sure, we talked about the work itself - the work of writing, calling, and planning that takes time and effort.

But the other stuff? The emotional stuff? Not so much.

Or maybe I just wasn't listening!

Luckily, conversations about the emotional toll of fundraising are happening - and more of us are paying attention to how we care for ourselves and each other in the fundraising space.

On April 19, I'll be joining a panel with Susan Wright Kenny and Haley Cooper, CFRE, talking about ways to avoid burnout and support self care. I'm excited to hear from and learn from Haley and Susan - and to share my stories of how to build a fundraising team that supports one another.

The panel - organized by Rogue Creatives - is part of their Nonprofit Connect series.

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