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There and back again

Coming from a place where a "historic building" is usually an LA Fitness that used to be a Mervyn's, Italy was a quite the experience.

I saw so much, learned so much, ate so much, and walked so much that the trip seemed bordered on magical most of the time.

Back home now, sorting through the photos and souvenirs, and getting back into the rhythm of work at Resolute Philanthropy. But what's a trip without some lessons learned?

🌍Wear comfortable shoes. It's hard to look up and wonder if your feet hurt all day.

🌍Order the gelato. Try a local beer. Eat like a local and try something new.

🌍Look closely and check out the details. You might be surprised what you find when you zoom in.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to travel - and happy to be home again.

Are you ready to make your nonprofit mission soar? Let's talk ...

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