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The Problem with Success

A key lesson in goal setting came from my first job after college.

I was a reporter for the Orange County Business Journal – grateful that the editor decided it was easier to teach business literacy to a journalism grad than the other way around.

I submitted an article that used the word “success” 👍

Then I got called into the editor’s office 👎

Success – he told me – was too vague. It didn’t mean anything by itself – and we needed to be more specific when describing a company’s vision and goals.

Just like goals.

If you are working on goals for your organization / team / department – you’ve got to be specific.

🛑 You don’t want “success.”

🛑You don’t want “increased effectiveness.”

🛑You don’t want “improved fundraising.”

You want specific, measurable outcomes – that tie to your organizational vision.

Your goals should be measuring things you and your team can control. Metrics that can not only tell a story, but can help you make decisions.

It’s not easy – but the results will be goals that help you:

💚Achieve your mission

💚Understand your progress

💚Guide individual and team activities

Are you setting goals for your team (or for yourself)?

Photo by Afif Ramdhasuma on Unsplash

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